Foil And Chafing Kits

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to make your party an unforgettable one, Discount Party Warehouse has you covered! As Australia's most reliable online retailer for party supplies, we know that our line of chafing kits and foil trays is sure to keep your guests coming back for more. 

Our wide variety of foil trays make serving, cooking, and storing leftovers a breeze, and all at a great price. Our customers always leave happy, as our convenient online shop and massive inventory make it impossible not to find the catering supplies you need.

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Feed Hundreds, Affordably

There's plenty of reasons to stock up on our fabulous, event-ready chafing dishes. They're perfect for big get-togethers, whether you're feeding 20 people, or hundreds. We offer dishes with both single and double pans to ensure that you have all the space you need. 

Amazing Food Quality for Every Event

Worried more about food-quality than storage? When it comes to keeping your food fresh and at the perfect temperature, we've got the products for you. Our selection of jelled fuel will keep your warm and ready to serve. You'll have no trouble serving meals at the ideal temperature, whether everyone's eating inside or outdoors. That's why our chafing dishes are popular at all kinds of events, including:

  • Festivals

  • Conferences

  • Carnivals

  • Work Functions

  • Fundraisers

  • Weddings

Throw the Greatest Barbecue

Chafing kits are great for barbecues,  but for a more casual occasion our aluminium foil roasting trays are the perfect fit. They're great for cooking, whether you're opting to cook on the barbecue or  in the oven. Some even come with plastic lids, making leftovers easy to pack away or send home with guests afterwards. We offer a wide selection of trays in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to look through our convenient site to find the best fit for you.

Hosting Made Easy

For most people, the idea of serving food to more than 10 people can be overwhelming. However, with Discount Party Warehouse on your side, you'll have everything you need to accommodate all your guests with both style and efficiency. 

The best part? Although we use high-quality materials like stainless steel, our prices are always affordable. Buying in bulk especially will get you an amazing deal, all the while keeping you fully stocked for any barbecue, fundraiser, or cause for celebration that comes your way.

Why the Discount Party Warehouse?

Since 2004, the Discount Party Warehouse has been keeping our prices low and our quality high. Our customers know they'll always receive their orders quickly and in perfect condition. Whether you're ordering a deep foil pan, a roasting tray, a chafing dish, or some jelled fuel, you can always count on us for an easy and efficient process. Choose Discount Party Warehouse as your party supplier, and your get-together is sure to be a hit!

If you're interested in our chafing kits, foil trays, or any of our other party supplies, we offer free shipping on orders over $100. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions concerning our products. We can't wait to hear from you.