Catering Boxes

Make your next picnic a cleaner, classier, and more photogenic experience. With Discount Party Warehouse’s catalogue of catering boxes with clear lids that double as grazing boxes, you’ll never want to bring the Tupperware and cutting boards out again.
We ship our catering and grazing boxes Australia-wide, including all major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and Canberra.) Enjoy free standard shipping with any purchase over $79.

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Catering Boxes or Grazing boxes for Special Occasions

Our selection of catering boxes will reduce your workplace woes. Whether you are a small grazing box business or a catering business looking to do takeaway options, our boxes will bring joy to all types of customers. Made with a clean aesthetic of either corrugated brown catering boxes or white cardboard, these boxes are versatile and easily transformed by any decorative branding you may use. Additionally, all boxes come with a matching transparent lid which showcases the beautiful contents within. Simply remove the lid and you have a grazing plate on the go.

Ecofriendly Single-Use Options

Good for your wallet, and good for the planet. Our catering and grazing box packaging are not only ecofriendly catering products but are fantastic for transporting without mess. On top of this, the boxes are easily stored and assembled because of their flatpack form. These products simple and straightforward design come at an affordable price. This means you can spend more on other parts of your business without compromising on quality.