A party just isn’t a party without balloons, so that’s why Discount Party Warehouse offers a wide range of balloons online for all sorts of special occasions. Choose from foil or latex balloons in all sorts of colours or designs to create the right party atmosphere. We even stock a wide range of party supplies to match!

Please note balloons ordered online does not include helium inflation. Helium inflation booked in store only for an additional fee.

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Inflating your Balloons

When you buy balloons from Discount Party Warehouse, you have a few options for inflation:

  • Visit our store – if you’d like your balloons inflated, simply visit our store in Lidcombe, Sydney and we’ll be happy to inflate them for you
  • Helium Tank Hire – you can also hire a helium tank from our store for four days, giving you plenty of time to inflate your own balloons
  • Choose a disposable helium tank – if you’re planning to inflate many balloons or make balloon decorations, these tanks can be delivered to your door and are easy to operate
  • Balloon pump – a simple option for kids’ party balloons is to simply use a pump, and you can then attach a balloon stick to the base. The balloons don’t float away, so this is better for young children

Buy Balloons for any Special Occasion

When you are looking for party balloons, there are two main types of balloons we offer:

  • Foil balloons – foil balloons are a popular choice for parties, as they’re shiny and pretty and come in a wide range of shapes, from numbers to letters, and there are lots of different printed options. They need to be filled with helium, so you’ll either need to buy or rent a tank to inflate them at home
  • Latex balloons – these simple balloons come in a wide range of colours and can be filled with either air or helium. They’re popular at kids’ parties and can also be used to create balloon decorations such as arches and centrepieces. You can also buy modelling balloons to create balloon art

Creating Balloon Decorations for your Venue

Balloons can also be a fun way to decorate a party venue, and at Discount Party Warehouse we have all the supplies you need to make balloon decorations to coordinate with your other decorations. 

You can buy balloons from us to create:

  • Bunches of balloons – these make a great centrepiece. Simply use our balloon ribbon and attach a balloon weight at the bottom
  • Balloon archways – these are ideal for the entrance to your party, or to decorate the buffet table or the top table at a wedding
  • Balloon spiral – this can be made using helium balloons tied to ribbons of different lengths
  • Balloon Garlands

The great thing about using balloons to decorate is that there’s no limit to the ways you can use them and the displays you can create!

Visit our Party Store or Buy Balloons Online

When you’re searching for a ‘balloon shop near me’, you can either visit our Sydney store, call us on 02 9647 2151, or browse the Discount Party Warehouse website and buy online. We can deliver to most cities in Australia in just a few days, with shipping only $10. We also offer a simple click and collect service if you’d prefer. Shop online today and find the perfect balloons for your party.