Whether you’re filling party bags for a kids’ party, or planning a candy buffet at your wedding, Discount Party Warehouse offers a wide range of party candy and accessories to make party planning much easier. If you’re looking for classic kids’ lollies and old favourites or want lollies in a certain colour to match your party theme, we can help. Browse our website or visit our store and you can get all the party lollies you need, as well as many other party supplies to ensure you throw the perfect party.

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Create your own Candy Buffet

One of the most popular uses for our kids’ candy is to create a candy buffet. This sweet idea is perfect for parties for all ages, after all, who doesn’t love lollies? And it couldn’t be easier to set up.

  • Choose some containers or jars to hold your lollies. You could use some of our cute lolly jars for a vintage lolly shop feel, or could use some of the dishes or trays available on the Discount Party Warehouse website
  • Add some scoops or tongs – unless you’re sticking to wrapped sweets, you need to keep it hygienic, so add some of our buffet scoops or mini tongs so people can help themselves
  • Provide bags or cones – unless you want people hanging around the buffet all night, you should provide something they can keep their party lollies in. Cones are popular for wedding receptions and come in all sorts of colours, while paper bags are nice for kids’ parties as they can take their lollies home with them

You can also be artistic when it comes to displaying your candy buffet. Some people use shelves, which make your buffet look like a lolly shop, or you can use a cart or similar and decorate it with balloons, bunting or anything else from our website.

Party Lollies in a Wide Range of Colours

If you’re creating a candy buffet for a formal occasion like a wedding or baby shower, then you should check out our range of party candy that’s helpfully organised by colour. This allows you to choose lollies that fit your colour scheme, and if you choose one or two colours, it gives the display a neat finish. For example, you could have an all-pink buffet with pink jelly beans and fruit sticks, pink chocolate hearts and strawberry twisty pops.

You can also choose multi-coloured kids’ candy if you want a range of colours at your party. Rainbow swirl lollipops, gumballs and jellybeans will always be popular choices and create a bright, colourful look that’s perfect for kids. A recent trend for kids’ parties is to make a candy cake, which is another use for our party lollies. You simply take a plain, iced cake, then stick lollipops and other treats on top, the more the better, to make the sugary treat of their dreams.

Discount Party Warehouse offers many different kinds of kids’ lollies in bulk, making it easy to stock up for any special event. You can browse our range of sweets and party supplies online, and order for fast delivery across Australia, or visit our store in Lidcombe, Sydney.