Eco Friendly Tableware

The Discount Party Warehouse is here to provide the best environmentally friendly  bamboo dinnerware in Australia. It's perfect for when you’re aiming to impress your guests at parties and get-togethers. We are Australia’s premier online party supplier, and we always leave our customers satisfied. Our wide range of products makes celebrating easy, and our bamboo tableware, in particular, sets us apart from the rest. They're sure to make your party a memorable one.

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Multiple Kinds of Bamboo Tableware

You'll absolutely love the feel of these beautiful bamboo products. Every piece is textured, durable, and pairs well with every meal. We only offer products made of the highest-quality bamboo, whether it's our bamboo plates, picks, food cones, food boats, or cutlery. These eco-friendly bamboo tableware sets are versatile, complementing all occasions and celebrations. 

For Parties and Eateries Alike

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to opt for bamboo tableware outside of birthdays and other celebrations. These products allow you to serve food in a very high-class, sophisticated manner, all at a reasonable price. This makes them a favourite of in-house restaurants and food trucks that want to reflect eco-consciousness and high-quality practices. Your guests will love having their lunch served to them on this classy tableware. The best part? It's totally affordable for businesses of every size. This is especially true when they're bought in bulk. Bulk buying with us not only ensures you get the best possible prices but also that you're prepared for any celebration or lunch-time rush that comes your way.

Combine the Casual and the Sophisticated

Bamboo tableware is also a great fit for casual occasions, including cook-outs, dinner parties with friends, and work outings. To complement any meal and present your food in style, we have several different shapes and styles available for all our bamboo products. Our selection of bamboo plates include ovals, squares, rectangles, all with shallow or deep designs, We even have gorgeous sushi plates and divided dishes to hold all your condiments. No matter the meal, we have the bamboo tableware to showcase it best with. 

There's really no way of showcasing your meal in a more eye-catching way than with our inventory of bamboo food cones and food boats. Our wooden food cones and boats will have you accepting compliments from your guests all night long. They combine sophistication and affordability in the best way possible. That's Discount Party Warehouse for you!

Why Discount Party Warehouse?

We have the largest collection of party supplies in the country, so our customers have no problem finding what they need to celebrate. That's why we’ve been a constant innovator in the party supply business since 2004. From our store in Lidcombe, customers can expect nothing but top tier service and quick orders to anywhere in Australia.

Though regular shipping is $10, we offer free shipping throughout Australia on orders over $100. If you would like to place an order or have any questions about our wide variety of bamboo tableware, please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to hear from you.