Birthday Foil Balloons

When setting up a birthday party, the devil is indeed in the details and nothing says “celebration,” quite like a bunch of shiny foil balloons. At Discount Party Warehouse, we know that every birthday bash needs that extra sparkle. Take your party from an ordinary celebration to an extraordinary bash with our unique birthday foil balloons

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Why Use Foil Balloons?

Foil balloons are more than just bright colours and reflective textures; they create an ambience of fun and festivity. Here’s why they’re so popular:

  • Longevity: Unlike regular latex balloons, foil ones retain their helium for much longer ensuring that your decorative items continue looking great throughout the occasion.
  • Selection: Whether it’s numbers or letters or your favourite characters– birthday foil balloons can be found in any shape and size thus matching everyone’s preferences. 
  • Personalisation: You can customise these birthday balloons to share a message with your guests. Foil balloons for party can be customised to share messages thereby giving the gathering a special and pleasant touch.  

Our Collection

  • Character balloons: Dress up a kid’s gathering with their much-loved heroes and princesses portrayed on these party balloons.
  • Number balloons: Have those big number balloons in photos that will forever be remembered as the marking point for remembering birthdays.
  • Themed sets: Be it your sweet sixteen or fabulous fifties we have collections for everyone, every age.

Why Shop With Us?

With Discount Party Warehouse’s online store, you can easily browse through our collection of birthday foil balloons. Our decorations are affordable, thanks to cost-effective shipping charges. You can even reach out to our customer services who will help you turn your next birthday bash into an amazing event!