Foil Door Curtains

Ramp up your parties with style and pzazz with foil curtains that sparkle at every entrance! These curtains by Discount Party Warehouse will transform your boring space into a lively zone, perfect for hosting parties and get-togethers. Whether it's a birthday bash or a casual meet-up with friends, adding a foil backdrop would help you create a fun and festive atmosphere.

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Elevate your Space

Imagine stepping into a room filled with vibrant colours cascading from the ceiling like a glittering rain shower. As your friends enter, they're met by a magical display that instantly welcomes them with a lively and fun setting. Thanks to our fabulous tinsel curtains, you can set the mood for your party in a jiffy!


The beauty of door foil curtains lies not only in their aesthetic appearance but also in their versatility. Choose from a range of funky shades - purple, metallic, pink or even golden - for birthday parties, wedding functions or even semi-formal workplace events. 

Looking for a stylish backdrop for photos? You got it. Want something to create a subtle partition between rooms? Use our foil curtains innovatively!


Let’s not forget about those practical benefits. These curtains would add glamour while making sure that irritating insects and bugs do not disturb guests enjoying outdoor or garden parties. Additionally, they can be easily removed and put back - you can change or mix up the theme of your party whenever desired.

Why Choose Discount Party Warehouse? 

We offer a wide range of streamer curtains, tinsel curtains and foil drapes that can help you create an aesthetic setup for your parties. Order the best door decorations from the Discount Party Warehouse at reasonable rates and win the title of the best party organizer ever!