Scene Setters & Inflatables

Take your party decoration game up a notch with the dynamic duo of inflatable party decorations and scene setters! These aren't just accessories—they can transform any space into a captivating spectacle. Whether you're planning a themed party, setting up a grand event, or simply looking to add some fun to a light-hearted gathering, party scene setters and inflatable party pops are your ultimate choices. 

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Fun Elegance

Large party inflatables are not only for kids’ parties anymore. You can bring a whole new level of fun to your event with inflatable party props, arches, and characters! Think about walking under a canopy of star-shaped inflatables or dancing below a blow up palm tree – it’ll definitely be a memorable experience. 

Theme Extravaganza

Whether you want some Hollywood glamour or an under the sea adventure, scene setters and inflatables can bring your theme to life with mind-blowing details. Let your guests be part of a truly immersive experience by throwing a themed party with blow up party decorations. 

Memorable Times 

Scene setters and inflatable decorations make the perfect photo backdrops! Whether it's a larger-than-life inflatable sculpture or a picturesque party scene that goes with the theme, these decorations create the best settings for guests to take memorable photos. 

Why Choose Discount Party Warehouse? 

With Discount Party Warehouse, you can buy giant inflatables of the very best quality material, that too at amazing rates and discounts. We have floating inflatables perfect for pool parties and even inflatable jukebox instruments for a karaoke night. Have your set of inflatable decorations delivered to your doorstep today!