Decoration Accessories and Sticky Tape

Transform your room like never before using decoration accessories, sticky tape and curling ribbon! These unsung heroes of decor can turn any space into a stylish haven. Whether you're a pro decorator or a DIY enthusiast, party decoration accessories are the secret ingredients that will infuse life in a dull room. 

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Limitless Choices

From colourful washi tapes to sparkling rhinestone stickers, decoration accessories offer creative ideas to personalise your party décor. They are great for making statements when embellishing photo frames, wall decors or customising furniture.

Instant Change

Say bye-bye to boringness, and hello to gorgeousness with sticky tapes! Whether you're masking imperfections, creating sharp lines, or adding pops of colour to any space, these tapes are your go-to for quick and perfect results every time. They're so versatile—use them on any surface to completely transform it into a beautifully decorated space. 

Children Friendly

Worried about keeping your kids safe around decorations? No more fretting—Discount Party Warehouse's sticky tapes and curling ribbons are specially designed keeping kids' safety in mind! They're the perfect solution for adding fun decorations while ensuring peace of mind. 

Why Choose Discount Party Warehouse? 

Add some fun and flair to your next event with our unique collection of curling ribbons and party decoration accessories. Check out Discount Party Warehouse for funky stickers that will elevate your special parties and personal spaces. You can also get in touch with our responsive customer service staff to get personalised recommendations!