Ginger Ray Decoration

Ready to jazz up your party decor with some style and fun? Opt for Ginger Ray banners, party bags, balloons and other unique decorations that can add more style and panache to your next big event. 

Ginger Ray is well-known for its imaginative designs and out-of-the-box approach. If you want to make your party extraordinary - whether it’s a wedding, baby shower or a housewarming party, then Ginger Ray decorations are exactly what you need. 

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Themed Treasures

Forget about mediocre décor; instead, go for thematic perfection! What they specialise in is themed embellishments that can transform a room into a magical land. You could create a beach paradise or add vintage glamour by choosing their themed decorations. 

Interactive Delights

Enliven your gathering by using interactive decorations by Ginger Ray! These smart additions such as scratch-off games or DIY photo booths can add more joyfulness and amusement to every event, changing it from being an ordinary affair towards being a memorable one.

Instagram-Worthy Elegance

Capture everyone's attention at your party with stunning decor from Ginger Ray! From beautiful backdrops to eye-catching centrepieces, their designs are Instagram-worthy and guaranteed to make your party shine. Start the conversation with decor that stands out!


The ginger ray decorations are environmentally friendly as most decorations are made from biodegradable materials or are recyclable. Elevate your parties worry-free, knowing you're making eco-friendly choices without compromising style or convenience.

Why Choose Discount Party Warehouse? 

Leave the ordinary decorations out of the picture and enter a world of unlimited fun with ginger ray decorations from the Discount Party Warehouse. Be it colourful tissue paper flowers, heart-shaped foil curtains, interactive floor stickers or themed wedding decorations - you can get an array of options that match your style at reasonable prices.