Balloon Garland DIY Kit - Pastel

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Our DIY Pastel Balloon Garland Kit is an amazing way to create a beautiful scene for a birthday party, gender nuetral baby shower or an anniversary.
Balloon colours: pastel pink, blue, lilac, yellow and mint.
Size: 1.8m / 6ft once assembled.

Material: thick latex, 100% biodegradable
Kit includes: 53 assorted colours and sizes of balloons (some double stuffed, meaning a second balloon is inside!), string & balloon pump.

All balloons arrive uninflated, assembly is required. Air inflation only.
Assembly instructions: 1. inflate balloons and tie off.
2.Once all balloons are inflated start pairing 11-inch balloons with 5-inch balloons.
3.Then pair the remaining 5-inch balloons together.
4.This step is up to you and how you want your garland to be shaped. Start at 70 centimetres in on the string and arrange by wrapping the line around the pairs of balloons in order to secure each firmly on the line. These balloons are tough so don't worry about popping them.
5.Once youre done, adjust the knots so they cantbe seen.