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Stainless Steel Chafing Dish - Single Pan

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Entertaining is easy with this quality mirror finish stainless steel single pan chafing dish. Keep your food warm without drying out.

Includes: 2 x Stainless Steel Burner covers, Stainless Steel Frame, Stainless cover and water pan, stainless steel food pan. Fuels sold separately

Capacity : 9L

  • Durable Stainless Steel Finish,
  • Keeps food warm and maintains temperature
  • Features Built In Holder to keep lid in upright position
  • Space Saving & Easy Cleaning
  • Dimensions: 60cmL x 36cmD x 29cmH (Overall)
  • Pan Size Dimensions: 53cmL x 33cmD x 7cmH

Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher safe for the food pan & Water Pan & Cover, hand wash all other parts

Use and Care: 

  1. Before using for the first time, wash the pan with hot soapy water, rinse & towel dry. This will remove any oil or residue from manufacturing
  2. Clean pan thoroughly after each use
  3. Cook all your food before serving them in the dish. Raw or under cooked dishes can have adverse health effects
  4. Heat up your food to the proper temperature before adding it to the pan.


Keep all inflammable goods away from your lit chafing dish. Never let liquids boil dry, the extreme temperatures can cause irreparable damage to your cookware. Do not fire empty water pan. Recyclable carton 

Place water pan inside stand and fill with warm water to approximately 2.5cm in depth. Place warmed food into food pan and place inside water pan. Close with lid.

Place fuels (sold separately) into fuel holder and cover with lid. Light fuels with long match or gas lighter and place onto stand under water pan. Heat intensity can be adjusted by closing or opening fuel cover lid.

Fuels are available in 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour and 6 hour burning times

Chafing Dish
Stainless Steel