Oz Gel Chafing Fuel - 3Hr

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Relax and enjoy your party with these no fuss gel chafing fuels. Place them in the base of your chafing kits to keep your food warm for hours.

  • Oz Gel Chafing Fuel has the highest heat output of the chafing fuels on the market.
  • Smoke and odour free
  • Most cost effective source of heat for portable buffets
  • Non Spill Non Drip if moved abruptly
  • Cans made with recycled packaging and can be re-filled using 4kg gel Chafing fuel tub
  • Economic 100% fuel usage

3 Hour burn time

Made from methanol

Store upright in cool dry conditions

Ideal heating for chafing dishes, camping, hot pots, fondues and beverage burns


Stainless Steel