Your Kid’s Party Needs a Lolly Buffet

18th Jun 2020

Your Kid’s Party Needs a Lolly Buffet

Every parent wants to throw the best party for their children and what better way to win party of the year than with an indulgent lolly buffet?

If there’s one thing we remember from the kid’s parties we loved the most, were the impressive selection of lollies that usually came home with us in our party bags. Instead of sending the fun home with your party guests, why not put on a lolly spread of their dreams!

A lolly buffet sounds great! What are the best lollies to choose for my lolly buffet?

Our top picks for an award-winning lolly buffet are:


There is something about the pillowy soft feeling of a sweet marshmallow melting on your tongue that makes you want to have one more… then another one… and maybe one more. Marshmallows are one of our favourites when it comes to building your own lolly buffet. You can even pop ‘em in some hot choccies for a winter party. They’re sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Mmm, pass me the marshmallows.


Jellybeans are a staple in our lolly buffets – the bright colours and assortment of flavours are always a favourite. Whether you’re a red jellybean type of person or a blue jellybean person, you’re going to have a good time. Jellybeans can be scattered over your buffet table, popped into a take-home bag, or scooped into a party cup. The options are endless and so is the fun!

Jellybean me up!


Is it not every kid’s dream to blow the biggest gum bubble out of their friends? Keep your little party guests occupied with a gum ball arrangement – you won’t even need to plan party games when the kids are competing in their own bubble blowing contest! P.S Gum balls stay fresh all day long and don’t turn sticky or gooey, which makes clean ups a breeze!

Take me to gumball heaven!

Chocolate hearts

Yummy, yummy, yummy, we have love in our tummy! Did you know chocolate hearts are good for the soul and good for sweet tooths? We love using chocolate hearts in our lolly buffets because… well, who doesn’t love chocolate? These little treats are individually wrapped so you won’t need to worry about sticky little hands all over your heart(s).

You have my chocolate heart.


Do you love lollipops? ‘Cause we love lollipops! These little suckers are bound to put a smile on your party guests face. Lollipops double as decorations and treats – choose from a variety of bright colours and flavours to add some colour to your lolly buffet. Hot tip: rainbow lollipops are definitely a favourite!

I’m a sucker for lollipops!

Help! I don’t know how to decorate my lolly buffet!

The best thing about arranging a lolly buffet is how simple it really is. You might choose to decorate your lolly buffet by colour or type, or you may want to arrange small empty jars along your buffet table for your little guests to handpick their own selection of lollies! Lollies are so easy to arrange as their bright and fun colours do the decorating for you!

We usually use chalkboards or stickers to label the lollies on our buffet and we provide tongs and scoops to help our guests serve themselves.

Psst, did we mention that lolly buffets can also be the starting point for scheduled games? Building marshmallow towers are a fun way to pass the time!

Lolly buffets are a great way to instantly add fun and excitement to your parties and are guaranteed to be a huge hit with your little party guests!