How To Pinata Your Party

Posted by Discount Party Warehouse on 30th Mar 2021

How To Pinata Your Party

Pump up any party with one of our Pinatas. We have pinatas to suit any themed party, they make great party decorations or make them a fun filled party game no matter what age. Everything from your favourite characters like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Disney Princesses and Unicorns to specific pinatas to match you theme, like Cacti and Hawaiian Tikis. You will be sure to find a pinata to match your theme.

Pinata’s originated from Europe in the 14th Century. The Spanish brought the European tradition to Mexico, although there is evidence that the pinata tradition may have originated in China and been brought to Europe by Marco Polo in the 13th century. Regardless of their origin, kids love the excitement of hitting the pinata until it explodes with lollies, treats and favours.

Here are a few tips to adding some pinata fun to your party.

Which Pinata do I choose?

If you have some younger party goers (under 3) we recommend you chose a pinata that includes pull strings rather than using a pinata stick. The pull strings are attached to the bottom of the pinata and each guest takes a turn of pulling the strings until all your party treats and favours spill out of the pinata. The child that pulls the winning string is the pinata champion.

For older guests all you need is a pinata, pinata stick and blindfold. We have a great range of Mexican pinatas - a crowd favourite is definitely the Burro and for Hawaiian parties another favourite is the palm tree pinata.

Make sure all your guests are a good space away from the person having their turn to hit the pinata.

How do I fill my pinata?

Every pinata has an opening at the top marked with a “To open press here” sticker. Most openings are approximately 7cm in diameter so make sure your lollies and favours are no wider than this

What do I fill my pinata with?

You want to fill your pinata with items that your guests will love or that are themed to your party. For toddlers we recommend soft toys that cannot be swallowed. Soft Smile Ball Favours and individually wrapped lollies, like our Trolli Value pack and rubber duckies make ideal pinata favours – light items that are age appropriate and won't cause injury when they land.

Fill your pinata with approximately 2-3 kg with a mix of wrapped lollies and party favours. Make sure you use wrapped lollies and that your party favours are not too heavy so you can get more loot in your pinata. Add some colour by including confetti with your lollies and favours.

More goodies, equals more fun. You will need approximately 100 lollies & favours for a party with 8-10 guests. If you have more guests than we would recommend having more than one pinata.

Where do I hang my pinata?

Hang your filled pinata in an area where there will be no obstructions and plenty of open space. A strong and thick tree limb is a great idea – just attach it to the tree limb through the top of the pinata loop with rope. If you don’t have many trees in your backyard a clothesline is a safe alternative. Just make sure where you choose is not too high and free from any obstructions for swinging pinata sticks.

How to play

Get your party guests to stand in a line approximately 3 metres away from the pinata. Blindfold the first person and line and turn them around three times. Hand them the pinata stick and let them try to hit pinata. The first child to break the pinata is the winner.