How To Make A Balloon Tower

4th Jun 2020

How To Make A Balloon Tower

Everyone loves balloons and they are the easiest and least expensive way to create a bright and colourful party. At Discount Party Warehouse we have created a video on how to make your own balloon tower like a pro. Use it to decorate your front entrance or doorway and let your guests easily identify where the entrance is all in approximately 30 minutes.

What You Will Need:

1 x Super shape Balloon

24 x 30cm Latex Balloons

2 x Modelling Balloons

1 x Balloon Weight

1 x Hand Balloon Pump

Step 1. Which colour theme? There are so many party themes to choose. We recommend starting with choosing your Super shape balloon to sit on top of your balloon tower. Then choose 4 assorted coloured latex balloons or just one colour depending on what look you want to achieve.

Step 2. Inflate the balloons approximately 25cm diameter using your hand pump

Step 3. Tie the ends of 2 balloons together until all the balloons are paired.

Step 4: Grab 2 pairs of balloons and twist the balloons around each other to form a quartet.

Step 5: Place one quartet on top of the other and tie together with a modelling balloon – attaching one end of the modelling balloon to a balloon weight and place the weight at the bottom of the balloon tower. This will act as an anchor.

Step 6: Continue to tie the quartets of balloons to the top of the tower with the modelling balloon. You will need to add a second modelling balloon by tying it to the original. Ensure you keep enough to tie the Super shape balloon to the top of the tower.

Step 7: After fixing all 6 layers of balloon quartets, use the end of the modelling balloon to attach the base of the super shape balloon and tying off the ends to secure the balloons in place.

With our enormous range of Super shape balloons and our extensive range of matte, chrome and pearl finish latex balloons you can make your balloon towers purely unique. The best thing is, balloon towers do not require any helium, so they can be made onsite at your event or easily at home with just a few simple items – balloons and a balloon pump. So, let your imagination run wild. You can create anything from Unicorns to Disco, to 21st Birthdays to weddings the choice is only limited by your space.

Just to add some party balloon inspirations find some examples of balloon towers we have made in store. So many ideas, so many options – just add balloons to create your own masterpiece.