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Roulette Drinking Game

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This 17 piece roulette drinking game is perfect for a Bachelor party or boys night out
Take your chances and spin to drink
Includes: Plastic spinning roulette wheel 30cm diameter
16 x Glass shot glasses (30ml capacity)
2 x stainless steel balls
How to Play:
1. Fill Each shot glass with your favourite drink. Please note this game is fast and fun so only make each glass one third full. Handy Tip. This will make the game last a little longer
2. Every player takes a numbered shot glass and places it in front of them. Every glass has a colour and 2 numbers printed on it
3. Choose a player to start off the as croupier, or spinner. This player gets to spin the wheel
4. The croupier spins the wheel. Once you have a good spin going, roll the ball in and wait until it stops on a number. If the ball lands on a number that matches a players numbered shot glass, they drink the shot. If the number is 0, everybody takes a shot! If the number doesn't match anyone's shot glass or matches an empty shot glass, nobody takes a shot.
5 Any player without a full shot glass in front of them should take a new shot glass, and then the player to the left of the current croupier becoes the new croupier, and does Step 4 again
6. You can choose to keep playing until all the shot glasses are empty or refill and replace the shots as you go.
This is a fun and fast paced game. Please drink responsibly
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