Let's Get Shamrocked

Posted by Discount Party Warehouse on 19th Feb 2021

Let's Get Shamrocked

St Patrick’s Day

Get your Green on and celebrate St Patrick’s Day Sunday 17th March. St Patrick’s Day celebrates the death of St Patrick – who is believed to be responsible for introducing Christianity to Ireland. St Patrick's Day is far more widely celebrated outside of Ireland by Ex-Pats living overseas and the first St Patrick's Day parade was in fact held in Boston USA. It is the perfect excuse to make a celebration of all things green.

Make sure you have the right St Patrick’s Day decorations and Dress ups to suit this very green occasion. Here is a list of must haves to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in green style and to hopefully gain the luck of the Irish.

Get Your Green On

From Green Fedoras to Green Feather Boas we have all you need to dress head to foot in Green. Green suspenders and green moustaches are easy St Patrick’s Day touches. Use Green Face Paint to paint Shamrocks on your face or get more adventurous and add some orange and white face paint to create the Irish tri-colour flag.

Dress Like a Leprechaun

Become part of Irish Folklore and dress up like a Leprechaun. Leprechauns are small fairy like creatures, with a red beards, green top hats and green jackets. They are mystical creatures who mend shoes and are believed to keep pots of gold at the end of rainbows and love to pinch. Team our all in one top hat and beard with a green shirt for a quick and easy Leprechaun costume.

Make Your Own Pot Of Gold

What you will need:

Pack of 520ml Round takeaway containers

Pack of Round Lids

Green Paint

Black Satin Ribbon

Gold cardboard

Gold Chocolate coins.

  • 1.Paint the outside of the container and lid with the green paint and set aside to dry
  • 2.Cut the black ribbon to the circumference of the top of the container and glue to the outside of the container
  • 3.Cut a buckle from the gold cardboard and glue to the black ribbon
  • 4.Fill your leprechaun hat with gold chocolate coins
  • 5.To be sure, to be sure...... your own pot of chocolate gold

Make Green Beer

This is always a fun St Patrick's Day tradition that is easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is grab some of your favourite drinking ale and just add green food colouring - it's that simple.

A few tips to getting the best green beer:

1. Use a light coloured beer like a pale ale or cold filtered beer

2. Add the food colouring before pouring in the beer as you don't want to be stirring the beer and making it flat before you drink it. All you need is one drop of food colouring for a lighter green beer. You can add more food colouring if you want to intensify the green colour as it will not affect the flavour of the beer.

St Patricks Day Balloons

You will need:

3 x green Foil Heart Balloons

30 Balloon Disposable Helium Tank if you want the balloons to float free standing or

Air pump if you are going to hang the balloons on the wall

Metallic Gold Ribbon

  • 1.Inflate the 3 heart balloons
  • 2.Tie gold metallic to each balloon
  • 3.Make a bunch of the balloons and position them to they create a shamrock
  • 4.Use double sided tape to keep the balloons in place

St Patricks Day decorations

Decorating your home or office for St Patricks Day can be as simple as stringing orange, green and white paper lanterns from the ceiling to re-create the Tricolour flag 

Another effective and inexpensive party idea is creating a honeycomb streamer backdrop behind your party table. Use rainbow colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) or just your basic green to create a magical backdrop for your party table or photos.

Oh to be sure! To Be Sure! St Patricks Day is a mighty green and fun event and luckily it comes around this time every year.