Balloon Box - White

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Create your own magnificent decoration for any event with these gorgeous balloon boxes. Fill with mini air filled balloons in your favourite colour and create any name or word with our matching letter and number stickers (sold separately).
Dimensions: 30x30x30cm
Perfect for weddings, baby shower, birthdays, anniversaries
All balloon Boxes are delivered flat
Balloon Box Instructions:
Unpack & separate. Open to create long "L"shape
Fold Lid Backwards then open in opposite direction, smooth edges
Release box into square shape and turn box upside down
Bend side tabs facing outwards and connect 3 tabs with 2 tabs
Take both side tabs and bring towards centre of box. Insert round corners into closest available slots
Flip box over and fold remaining side tabs inwards. Close Lid
If you have purchased letter sticker separately, remove yellow backing and place sticker on the front of the plastic panel
Fill box with air filled balloons
Balloon Box