30cm Latex Balloon Shimmer Assorted 18pk

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Wow this is a stunning, colourful and vivid set of Shimmer Assorted balloons! You're party will look like all sorts of fun and joy with a bunch of these at the entrance. They're made from a high quality natural latex too which means that you won't have to worry about them deflating and looking sad during the party. Tiw them all together with a bit of string or ribbon to make a vivid arrangement bouquet to place around the event as a floor decoration, or as a table centrepiece.
Material: 100% biodegradable and natural latex.
Low burst rate, with a longer float time.
High elasticity and quality.
Size: 30cm balloons
Pack of 18 Balloons
Suitable for helium or air inflation
All balloons arrive uninflated.
30cm Balloon (Standard)