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Harry Potter Table Decorating Kit

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10 points to Gryffindor! And 10 points to you for choosing this enchanting Harry Potter Table Decorating Kit for your birthday table. Whether your creating a hagrids hut scene, a forbidden forest scene or a more sinister Azkaban scene, this table decorating kit is not to disappoint. Perfect for larger tables like the great hall, or smaller tables you might find in your house common room.
Includes: 1 Large Centrepiece with all 4 house sigils, 2 smaller centerpieces with the Hogwarts emblem, and 20 large confetti scatters showing all houses and hogwarts sigils and mascots.
Dimensions: Large Centrepiece: 32.3cm height; 2 smaller centrepieces: 17.7cm height; confetti scatters 5cm diameter.