What’s Hot Right Now: Our Top 10 Book Week Superhero Costumes!

What’s Hot Right Now: Our Top 10 Book Week Superhero Costumes!

What’s Hot Right Now: Our Top 10 Book Week Superhero Costumes!

I Read. What’s Your Super Power?

There are sooo many Superhero costumes out there right now, making it difficult to decide which one to choose for this year’s Super-Themed book week. Don’t worry we are here to save the day! So let’s jump right into it.

What is hot and trending in Superheros right now? To consider all the options lets first look closer at some of the latest superhero box office smash hit movies released in the last 6 months.

Spiderman Far from Home- July 2019

Shazam-April 2019

Avengers Endgame- April 2019

Captain Marvel- March 2019

Aquaman- December 2018


These movies have been so popular with the kids! From Marvel’s Avengers to DC’s Justice League there are many characters to choose from, so it can be hard to decide which is best for your little treasure. Let us take a closer look at our costume top picks from these seriously trending movies and subsequently super choices for book week 2019!


Girl’s Superhero Costumes:


Here are the 4 BIG HITTERS.

# 1- Captain Marvel Costume costume is a one piece jumpsuit, easy and stylish. She can save not only the world but the universe along with her sidekick Goose the Cat.

# 2- Wonder Woman Costume, made famous by Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman- DC’s smash hit. This is a great choice for a little girl to feel empowered. This costume comes with tiara, gauntlets, belt, cape and dress included. She can take on the gods themselves.

# 3- Supergirl is a super costume with  little skirt tutu and cape included. A character made famous now by the ever popular and gorgeous Melissa Benoist. You are invincible in this.

# 4- Batgirl is your crime fighting superhero. With cape included she can take on all of Gotham City’s worst.


Boy’s Superhero Costumes:

Say hello to Marvel and DC’s best of the best and Top 6 Superheroes Picks for 2019.

# 1- Aquaman: Coming in at top spot, this DC character made so popular by the amazing Jason Mamoa. Who is hotter right now than Jason Mamoa? No, but seriously, the King of Atlantis is the most popular superhero right now. Trident and Wig not included.

# 2- Tied for 2nd place is Marvel’s Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. As a team they work together to finally defeat Thanos and restore the Universe back to before the snap. These superheros are a big hit right now.

# 3- Shazam! Is our final pick for boy’s costumes for this year. DC’s huge surprise success this year, Zachary Levi made this superhero into a crowd Fave!

# 4- Spiderman takes this spot, with the Spiderman Far from Home movie just released you can be sure this costume will be a big hit. Tom Holland has given this beloved superhero a new funny twist, beloved by millions.





Choose your Accessories Wisely. The Fate of the Universe Could Depend On It

No costume is fully complete without some super accessories, and here are some of our favourites:






Get Creative with some Face & Body Paint



Lastly, it’s time for your Weapon of Choice

Will it be now Captain America’s Shield or Thor’s Hammer? What about a bronze Sword if you want to me a Medieval Knight? Or perhaps a Bow and Arrow set if you’re feeling like Hawkeye today. All Wonder Woman needs is her Lasso. These are our top picks, but what do you need to take on the world?!



Whatever your choice in Superhero Costume for your book week just remember that:

Reading gives you super powers!!