Welcome to the world of Toy Story 4. The latest release by Pixar in the Toy Story franchise and the introduction of a new character “Forky”. Forky is a handcrafted spork made by Bonnie and brought into the Toy Story characters reluctantly as a toy.

To make your Toy Story themed party that little bit extra adventurous get your guests to make their own Forky as a party game. Every Forky will be unique and a great memento for your party guests to take home.

You will need:

1 x Pack Of Sporks

1 x Pack of Timber Forks

1 x Pack of long red pipe cleaners

Blue Playdo

White Blutac

Red permanent Marker

Rainbow coloured pens (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet)

Plastic Googly eyes – 1 x smaller and 1 x larger

Step 1:

Wrap the red pipe cleaner from the centre around the top of the neck of the spork. Fold the ends of the pipe cleaner back and forth to make 3 fingers

Step 2:

Attach the 1 small and 1 large googly eyes to the back of the spork. Roll a small amount of blue playdo into a long thin piece and make into a circle and attach it to the back of the spork under the eyes. Draw a red monobrow above the eyes with the red permanent marker


Step 3:

Cut the ends of the timber sporks approximately 6cm from the end and join them in a “V” with blu-tac. Make a little mound with the blu-tac and push the finished spork into the top of the blu-tac.

Step 4:

The finishing touch is the rainbow on Forky’s right foot. Starting with the purple pen draw a large “C” and then continue to draw a smaller “C” with the blue, green, yellow, orange and red pen to create a rainbow. We missed the indigo pen and it still looks good.

The kids will love their very own Forky. Get them to act out scenes from the latest Toy Story movie and create their own adventures with their newfound friend.