Our 10 Favourite Book Week Costumes

Our 10 Favourite Book Week Costumes

Book Week is here and we are excited to bring you our top 10 costume ideas for kids who love to read. This years’ theme is “Reading Is My Secret Power” and there are so many options aside from Superheroes.  This is where kids’ imaginations can really run wild.

Reading really is a “Superpower”. Reading allows kids to explore the world and immerse themselves into the characters from their favourite books. Escape to a world of adventure and fun. We have made a list of famous characters from 2018-2019 top selling children’s books to make Book Week fun, exciting and at the same time educational.


  1. Harry Potter – obviously the most popular children’s book ever written. Any little wizard can instantly transform into Harry Potter with our complete Harry Potter Accessory Kit. Always remember “You can never have too many socks” Harry Potter



  1. Magic Faraway Tree – Imaginations will run wild with this classic, much loved book from Enid Blyton. If your kids love the tales of the Enchanted Wood and the Magic Faraway Tree they will love this theme for Book Week. They will be ready for adventure and exciting times dressed as The Silky Fairy who loves accompanying Jo, Fanny & Bessie on their adventures up the Giant Magical Tree.



  1. Dr Seuss – The Cat In The Hat is an easy costume to create. You just need one of our Jumbo striped Hats and oversized red bow ties. “Oh the places you’ll go, Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so…….get on your way”


  1. Kensy & Max – Breaking News – This action-packed book will get your spy senses racing. Choose your favourite twin and ask your best friend to go as the other. This costume is easy to re-create as the characters dress in everyday clothes – it’s the accessories that will make the costume. For Kensy you will need a pair of binoculars and for Max a pair of geek glasses and a newspaper. 


  1. Where’s Wally – don’t get lost in the crowd in this costume and be a Wattastar. Easy to wear and suitable for both Wally’s and Wendas.



  1. Matilda – the most perfect costume for this year’s Book Week theme. Matilda Wormwood is an extremely intelligent girl who loves reading. She uses her “superpower” of psychokinetics to outwit all the adults who are nasty to her. 


  1. Willy Wonka – everybody wants to be Charlie Bucket. The good kid with the good heart, who wins the ultimate prize. Showing your “superpower” can be manners and kind heartedness that always makes you win in the end.


  1. Nevermoor – The Trials of Morrigan Crow. This is an adventurous story of beating the odds and believing in yourself at all times. With a combination of a long black wig, black dress and purple umbrella as Morrigan Crow you will be transported to Nevermoor instantly.


  1. Alice in Wonderland – Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter doesn’t really have any “superpowers” but we love this very colourful, fun costume and such an iconic character from a very famous book. Available in a Boys and a Girls costume

  1. And lastly the Twits – if you love Roald Dahl books you will find Mr & Mrs Twit absolutely hilarious. They are constantly playing practical jokes on each other. A perfect example of how being nasty and hideous leads to very bad outcomes.

Choosing a Book Week character is easy when you know your favourite characters from your favourite book. Let your imagination run wild and have some fun.