How To Make A Stunning Balloon Garland

How To Make A Stunning Balloon Garland

Decorate your next party like a professional with an Organic Balloon Garland. They make magnificent displays and look absolutely stunning as a drop back for photos and cake tables. Make a great first impression by wrapping a balloon garland around your letter box or entrance to let your friends know where the party is at. It's even a crafty way to brighten up your days during isolation because everyone loves balloons.

The best thing about balloon garlands is that you can make them in any colour, any size, any shape and all you need is basically balloons and imagination – once you have picked your party theme just chose your balloon colours to match. And every balloon garland is unique. We find they are the most popular for celebrating Baby Showers, First Birthdays and Age Milestone Birthdays, all the big celebrations where you really want to make an impression.

Here are a few examples of balloon garlands we have made up in store.

Our friends at Illume Partyware have created a DIY Balloon Garland Kit, that includes everything you need (Including a balloon air pump) to make your own gorgeous kit at home. Illume's garland kits are available in 4 spectacular colour combinations or get creative and make up your own stunning arrangement.

To make your own arrangement we recommend using a variety of different sized plain latex balloons in complementary colours - 12cm, 30cm and 45cm. For the 30cm add more air to some balloons and less to others to get a variety of sizes for your garland. If you really want to pump it up a bit – add some confetti balloons with gold and silver confetti to add some sparkle. We also recommend you use a balloon pump as it’s so much easier and faster to blow up the balloons using a pump, and balloon garlands are inflated with air only, no need for helium.

Follow the simple assembly instructions as per the video. To fix the balloon to the area you are decorating, simply tie the end of the balloon garland with fishing line to any solid fixture – be it a column, bookcase, door or hook. You can add some person touches after the balloon garland is in place by adding some artificial flowers or leaves or even some of our paper decorations like honeycomb balls and paper fans to really add an extra dimension.

Watch our video from Illume Partyware on how to make your very own balloon garland.