Get crafty with these fun toilet roll party ideas

Get crafty with these fun toilet roll party ideas

Here are some fun and easy DIY toilet paper craft ideas and games for your next party. Everyone has toilet rolls at home, so get creative and recycle your toilet paper and cardboard rolls into new and fun party decorations and games for adults and kids alike.

Baby Shower Ideas

A fun party game for a baby shower using toilet paper rolls. Simple but a whole lot of fun. Party guests use a roll of toilet paper to estimate how big they think Mum to Bes’ tummy is. Simply cut a length of toilet paper to the estimated length and then wrap it around the Mum’s belly. The guest with the closest length toilet paper wins a prize.



Next, get creative by making DIY favour boxes for baby shower guests. It’s simple and cost effective, but adds a very personal touch. All you need is:

Toilet paper cardboard rolls


Wrapping paper of your choice. Left over bits work the best.

Sticky Tape/Craft Glue


Sticky labels or  gift tags

Party favours or wrapped lollies depending on the event.

Simply bend in the ends of your toilet paper rolls and tie up with string to make a pillow shape. Make sure to fill your roll with a favour or lollies before sealing. Decorate with coloured paper using glue or sticky tape and then finish off with some coloured ribbon. Personalise your favour box with a sticky label. Your guests will never know your favour box was made with a toilet roll.



First Birthday Craft Decorations

Create cute and colourful party decorations for your little one’s 1st Birthday without blowing the budget. Get innovative with some toilet paper rolls. Cute little characters and animals that are easy to make and the kids will love include: owls, bees and sea creatures, like octopi and squid. You will need a few other basic craft items such as glue, scissors, coloured streamers and googly eyes to decorate. They are simple and your little baby will love the bright colours twirling around. These toilet paper roll decorations are best hung over your party table with fishing line so they can swirl around in the breeze and dance above your little one’s head.




Kid’s Party Ideas

Save the world or at least Arendelle with these creative kid’s toilet paper characters – perfect for Avengers or Frozen parties. They will take some time and skill to get perfect but will keep the kids entertained for hours! Create these little toilet paper roll characters as decorations for party tables or creative party activity for everyone to enjoy.



What about DIY toilet paper roll monster lolly boxes for your guests to take home. Fill with party favours and wrapped sweets so your guests can enjoy your party even longer. Get creative, use some pipe cleaners for arms and ribbon for the monster’s hair. Below we have a great example of some creative DIY monster lolly boxes to get your creative juices flowing!



Bridal Shower Toilet Paper Game

And lastly, the classic toilet paper roll bridal shower game. Who can create the best wedding dress design? A simple yet hilarious fun game. Party guests form teams of 3 or more, pick a person to be the model and start wrapping that person up in toilet paper. It’s always best to start with a game plan or basic design for your wedding dress before the wrapping begins. Do you want a halter dress? A strapless dress? Or maybe a full-length dress? The best dress wins a prize given out by the bride, add some champagne and let the fun begin. Great opportunity to take some pics for your social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.



So, for your next party, get savvy and innovative with toilet paper rolls. Create your own party decorations, games and crafts in an easy and creative way no matter what the event. Your party guests will love it.