Fun & Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas

Fun & Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas


Every Valentines Day, couples are presented with another chance to have a romantic and fun day together. But year after year it gets harder to think of different things to do. We have picked our top Valentine’s Day Ideas for you to do this year, that are both simple and fun.


1. Cook a Romantic Breakfast or Dinner for your Loved One.

This can be as simple as breakfast with heart shaped pancakes, strawberries and maple syrup, or a more complex candlelit roast dinner. Whatever you decide, it is the thought that counts with this one! Add your own personal twist by cooking your partner’s favourite foods, lighting some candles and playing their favourite music. Heart shaped pancakes are easily accomplished with a simple pancake mix from your local supermarket and using a simple heart shaped Cookie cutter.


2. Make Your Own Gifts

Making your own gifts can be an amazing way to show your loved one just how much you care, it’s personal and to the heart. In addition to this it is also one of the most inexpensive ideas for Valentines Day. Popular DIY gifts include; making your own photo album/ scrapbook of special memories spent together. Or making rope bracelet jewellery from twine or wool sitting in the hallway cupboard. Alternatively, you can buy a photo frame and decorate with jewels and a special photo. And our last DIY gift idea is creating a playlist of their favourite music- the 2020 version of making a mixed tape.


3. Bake a Special Romantic Dessert

Make a delicious Chocolate Cake with some chocolate sauce and strawberries to top off. This recipe is simple and fun to make, this can be done together as a couple or as a surprise gift!


1 ¾ Cup Self raising flour

¾ Cup Cocoa

2 Cups sugar

2 eggs (beaten)

1 Cup milk

 ½ Cup olive oil

2 drops vanilla essence

1 Cup boiling water

1 Punnet chopped strawberries

Chocolate sauce for drizzling


Step 1- Pre heat oven to 180 degrees centigrade. Oil a large circle baking tin.

Step 2- Sieve Flour and cocoa into a bowl and mix in sugar. Add the eggs, milk and oil and stir with an electric mixer.

Step 3- Add in vanilla essence and boiling water and beat together for 3mins.

Step 4- Pour mixture into oiled tin and bake for 45mins.

Step 5- Test with fork or skewer to see when done.

Step 6. Drizzle some chocolate sauce and chopped strawberries on top to finish.

And there you have it, a scrumptious and simple dessert to enjoy this Valentine’s Day!


4. Enjoy a Movie Night at Home

Watch some romantic movies, perhaps some you have never watched before. We suggest all the classics such as Casablanca, Titanic, The Notebook, Pretty Woman and Singin in the Rain. But hey with this one it’s all up to personal taste, do try and go out on a limb and surprise your partner! Make it romantic by setting up some fluffy pillows, candles or fairy lights in your viewing area.


5. Get a Couples Massage or Set up your own Day Spa at Home!

This Valentine’s Day activity can be done two different ways, either spend the big bucks and get a lavish couples massage at your local spa or set up your own cosy massage and spa area for the two of you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

The first option is easy and can be booked well in advance, the second option is one you can get creative with and plan at home. Simply, get together some cosy blankets, pillows, massage oil, candles and soothing music to set up a calming and romantic environment to give each other massages. And afterwards, if you are still awake, it’s always romantic to take a nice hot bath together, add some bath salts and rose petals to set a calming mood.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to get creative and express your deep love and affection for your partner or loved one through these thoughtful gestures. So, cuddle up and enjoy yourself.