How To Create A Frozen 2 Themed Kids Party

How To Create A Frozen 2 Themed Kids Party

We present to you : How to Create Your Own Frozen Themed Party. A step by step guide to guide you through your party planning and make your little Princess’ day extra cool. Grab some of our stunning Frozen 2 partyware, draw inspiration and ideas from our party food and Frozen games and most of all let the stress go. Let It Go!


Step 1: Invites

Let everyone know when and where this Frozen party is happening by sending out your Frozen 2 themed invites. Stuff them with our Elsa, Anna and the Frozen gang confetti circles to start your party off on the right foot and get everyone excited for the cold to come. The cold never bothered us anyway!

Step 2: How to Decorate your party table

We have a huge range of Frozen party decorations and tableware to help you decorate your party table. All
featuring your favourite characters from the Frozen Franchise; Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff. See the image below for some of our stunning products.

Add to your must have list, Frozen 2 Lunch Napkins, Frozen 2 Paper Cups, Frozen 2 Olaf Dessert Plates and you’re very own Frozen 2 Table Decorating Kit filled with cardboard cut outs of the gang, perfect to decorate the table and create a fantastic centrepiece. Top these items off with a gorgeous Frozen table cover and some Frozen Balloons and you’ve got an ice-cold party table set up for all the little princesses to enjoy!


Step 3: Party Food! Set up a beautiful Frozen themed lolly and cake table.

Oh Olaf, have we got some great inspiration for your Frozen lolly buffet and cake table. Sven is here to show you some awesome Frozen Lolly Buffet Table set ups and ideas for a Frozen themed cake. The Key ingredient here is the colours light blue and purple. They are central to the characters Elsa and Anna. To help set the scene add a Frozen 2 Glittered Decorating Kit featuring Elsa and Anna on the wall above your candy buffet, a great addition to your set up.

We recommend choosing blue and white lollies for your buffet table. Check out our wide selection of chocolates, lollies and other yummy party food perfect for your Frozen party. And for drinks, it has to be a blue party drink easily made by adding blue food colouring or cordial with ice. Serve it up in one of our Nantucket Drink Dispensers and put a funny sign over it like “Melted Snowman” or “Kristoff’s Icy Concoction” and the kids will love it! Below we have a few inspirational photos for you to enjoy and get your creative juices flowing.  

Create a marshmallow Olaf – very easy to make.  White marshmallows on a toothpick to make the body and some creative icing writing gel and little button chocolates. This is also a fun activity to try and make with the kids during the party. As Olaf says, “Hands down, this is the best day of my life”.

Now that your Frozen party is looking very ‘cool’ it’s time for…


Step 4: Create some amazing Frozen themed desserts.

Here are just a few ideas for great Frozen themed desserts you can try.

Anna’s Snowflake Cupcakes, a fun and easy dessert to make.

Simply buy a vanilla sponge cupcake mix from your local supermarket, some of our white satin ice fondant and a mondo fondant smoother to help smooth the fondant on your cupcakes. Finally add some decorative snowflakes or blue sprinkles to top of your design. Get creative this is your masterpiece remember!

Another great Frozen Dessert Idea for the kids is Kristoff’s Jelly Cups.

Grab some of our plastic pedestal cups, a packet of blue jelly and decorate however you like! We like this icy design pictured. These are fun for the kids and easy to make, not to mention they taste delish.


Step 5: Organise some Frozen themed Party Games

Now that your Frozen event is ready to go you need to organise some activities for the party. They have to be Frozen themed. We have got two amusing Frozen party games to start you off.

Build your Own Olaf!

This one is so much fun and very easy to set up. All you need is some white marshmallows, pretzel sticks, black chocolate sixlets and orange tic tacs. Tip: Use some melted chocolate or gum paste to stick all of Olaf’s bits together! 

The second of our spectacular Frozen Party games is Elsa’s Scavenger Hunt. An old-fashioned scavenger hunt with Frozen themed clues & quotes specific to characters and hidden items from our amazing Frozen range. See below for some of our amazing party favours you can use for Elsa’s Scavenger Hunt.

Choose some of our Frozen 2 Blowouts, or Frozen Tiaras featuring Elsa and Anna, or Frozen 2 Mini Party Hats. So cute and small, and finally we have Frozen headbands, perfect for a take home gift. These games are probably all you need to create the perfect Frozen Fun Zone for the kids during the party, but here are a few more ideas if you are looking for even more options.

Pictured below we have three more games you can pick from! Number One is Ice Spoon Racing, a Frozen alternative to the classic egg race. Set up a playing area where kids can run between two lines with ice cubes on spoons. At one end have buckets for the kids to fill up and at the other have the ice cubes ready. The child who fills up the most amount of ice in their bucket wins! Number Two is our new Frozen 2 Pinata, which as everyone knows is a fun game of hitting the pinata until the candy bursts out, great for kids and adults alike. And finally, we have a Pin The Nose on Olaf Game. Another great Frozen twist to the classic pin the tail on the donkey game.

Right, now that you have planned the perfect Frozen party, why not go all out and make sure that your party is one to be remembered for a very long time with….


Step 6: Create some Frozen Loot Bags the kids can take home!

There are so many Frozen Party Favours to choose from in our range, so we thought we would make it easier and pick a few of our favourites. Frozen 2 Loot Bags, ready to be filled with party favours! Alongside these you can see items from our Frozen 2 Temporary Tattoos, Frozen 2 Mega Mix Favour Pack, Frozen 2 Slap bands and Frozen 2 Pencil Favours. All these items make up ideal loot bag for the kids to take home at the end of an amazing Frozen party. And there you have it, minimal stress and a Frozen Party ready to go. But just remember to…