Are you looking for a superhero party theme that really packs a punch; but don’t know which superhero to choose? It might be time to “Assemble” the Avengers!

The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and more. Go on, invite them all! No villain stands a chance. Thankfully you don’t need superpowers to set the scene for the ultimate Avengers superhero party. We’ve comprised a list of awesome Avengers party supplies, decorations and costumes.

Getting them there - Avengers Party Invitations

Avengers 8 pack invitations complete with “Join the team” design postcard invitations, envelopes, Avenger seals and save the date stickers. They’ll be bursting with excitement to choose their favourite Avenger character to come dressed as on the day.

Avengers Party Invitations

Supplying an assortment of the Avengers masks will help those who may not have a costume on the big day.

Avengers Party Mask


Setting the Avengers party scene

An affordable and effective entrance idea. Line the top of the doorframe with blue, white and red balloons and hanging red, white and blue streamers. This is also a nice and easy backdrop idea for your cake or food table.

Combine this with an effective Avengers wall decorating kit and your room is on it’s way to a "super" transformation.

Avengers Party Wall Theme



Avengers Party Decorations

For an Avengers party theme that really “POP’S” get hold of these Avengers latex balloons and combine them with a star supershape foil balloon. Anchor 3-4 of these arrangements around the room with tote balloon weights and have fun watching the kids “Kapow” “Whack” “Pow” their way around the maze.

Avengers Party Balloons

This 93cm x 116cm Avengers Iron Man airwalker balloon looks amazing suspended from the ceiling. Add to the effect with foil streamers hanging underneath for the kids to duck, weave and dodge through. Of course Iron Man also looks fabulous anchored with weights to the floor, and is a favourite photo companion.

 Airwalker Avengers Balloon

Avengers tableware

Choose a plain white tablecloth for your lunch table, (plastic of course) and set with an Avengers party pack of 8 plates, cups, loot bags and napkins.

Finish off the table with a 23 pack table decorating kit and your guests are ready for a super-charged feast.

Avengers Party Tableware

Earth’s mightiest heroes will love the Avengers party theme, and have a great time working together to rid your party space of imaginary bad guys. Your son and his friends will have a “blast.”