Accessorize Your Halloween with our vast range of Costume Accessories!

Accessorize Your Halloween with our vast range of Costume Accessories!

Every good Halloween costume whether it spooky, fun or sexy needs the right accessories, so we are here to help you accessorize your wardrobe this Halloween. We have picked the 4 most popular costumes, all very different characters but equally in need of some amazing accessories to cap off the perfect costume.

Number one is the “Zombie”. A popular and enduring Halloween costume year after year. Why? Because with some great accessories your costume can be created easily but effectively. Here are some of our top picks for Zombie Costume Accessories:

  1. Blood Scab Make Up - a great product for creating some creepy scars and scabs.
  2. Zombie Face Tattoo - very, very scary, careful showing your kids this one!
  3. Make Up Blood Gel - Our blood gels and sprays are great for creating bloody clothing & faces.
  4. Creepy Zombie Eye Glasses - an easy addition to turn you into a zombie quicker than getting bitten by one.
  5. Transparent Bloody Zombie Mask - wow this one is scary, the bloodied face is terrifying to all who gaze upon it. Perfect for a zombie costume.
  6. Zombie I Contact Lenses 90 day use - With a 3 month life span these lenses are a great addition to make you look like the real walking dead.
  7. Bloody Meat Cleaver 43cm - every zombie needs their favourite weapon right?

Speaking of weapons, take a look at just a few of our wide range. Great for a zombie, serial killer, crazy clown, Jason or Freddy costume.


  1. Red Wrench Headband - always a fun prank to plan on guests.
  2. Axe In The Head - very scary, is this how you were killed when you became a zombie, or is this just where you keep your weapon?
  3. Wrench Headband - scare the neighbourhood trick or treaters with this accessory.
  4. Bloody Baseball Bat - A great weapon, already bloodied for visual effect.
  5. Scythe 110cm - Darkness of Evil needs a weapon too.
  6. 28cm Weapon-Chainsaw - Lightweight and Effective, not to mention scary.

Add in an old shirt, old pants and use scissors to create rips and with all these accessories you’ve got yourself a very creepy and scary Halloween costume.


Our next choice of popular costumes is a Witch. Always a crowd pleaser and very versatile. Be a sexy witch with a glam wig, or a scary Witch with some green makeup and fake facial features. It’s up to you, we’re just here to provide you with options!

  1. Witches Long Pointy Nose - To help make the classic evil witch.
  2. Witch Character Make Up - Great for creating your glam greeny witch look.
  3. Women’s Black Desire Wig - Sex up your costume with this gorgeous long black wig.
  4. Witches Accessory Set - Get all you need in one place with this kit!


And for the Kids we have chosen our most popular costumes for Halloween right now. Firstly, who can look past Harry Potter and The Witches and Wizard’s of Hogwarts. Every kid’s dream costume right now, and with the right accessories it’s any easy one to pull off!

  1. Black Round Glasses -No Lenses- Is that you, Harry?
  2. Harry Potter Kids Accessory Kit By Rubies - Get everything you need for your witch or wizard costume all in one great kit.
  3. Harry Potter Sorting Hat By Rubies & Children’s Witch Hat - Whichever Witch or Wizard you are, you need a great pointy hat.
  4. Harry Potter Wand - Every witch or wizard’s greatest weapon.
  5. Harry Potter Classic Kids Robe By Rubies - To be truly a part of Hogwarts you need a robe.
  6. Headwig The Owl - Every Witch or Wizard needs their best pal along for the ride, and Hedwig was at Harry’s side always. Not just an accessory but an essential part of Harry’s character.
  7. Harry Potter Scarf - Pick up your wizarding scarf, it can get cold out trick or treating!


Lastly for the girls we have chosen two girls from the most popular, badass Disney Movie around. Frozen. That’s right Elsa and Anna are two very popular Halloween Costumes for little girl’s this year, and every little queen or princess needs her accessories.

  1. Elsa Slippers - Because even an Ice Queen’s feet can get cold.
  2. Kids Elsa Footless Tights - Oh so sassy and queen like.
  3. Kids Elsa Princess Tutu - every little princess needs a sassy little tutu.
  4. Kids Anna Princess Tutu - Make sure you get Anna’s tutu to match her sister’s.
  5. Kids Anna Premium Costume & Kids Elsa Premium Costume -if you want the whole shebang, the whole costume for Elsa and Anna then this is it. Our premium costumes, just stunning and what every little girl desire.

So, go on get creative this year with some spooky, creepy and fun Halloween costume accessories and most importantly, remember to get lots of candy!!