Helium Tanks For Hire

Balloon Inflation and Helium Hire is In Store only.

Make your party a celebration and fill it with balloons!

  • We do not deliver inflated balloons or helium tanks. You must visit the store to place your order, no phone orders accepted.
  • We do advise you to book your helium hire well in advance - Friday Saturday and Sunday are our busiest days.
  • Tanks are for a 4 day hire, this includes the day of hire. You can rent any size tank for a period of 2-4 weeks for an extra $50 fee.
  • We require an imprint of a Mastercard or Visa Card (Debit or Amex not accepted) or a $350 bond per gas tank, refundable upon returning the gas tank
  • It’s always a better idea to book in store in advance
  • You can’t get printed balloons in the package deals, these have to be bought separate.
  • Instructions for use can be found here




40 Balloon Helium Hire Kit Incl Balloons and Access

  • 50 Plain/Metallic Balloons (up to 2 colours)
  • 100 Balloon Clips
  • Ribbon Roll 91.4m
  • Helium (For 40 Ballloons)


40 Balloons Helium Tank Only Hire

  • Tank Hire Only
  • Fills 40 x 30cm balloons


Helium Hire Kit Incl Balloons and Access - 100 Balloon

  • 100 Plain/Metallic Balloons (Up To 4 Colours)
  • 100 Balloon Clips
  • 2 x Ribbon Rolls 91.4m
  • Helium (for 100 Balloons)


Helium Hire Tank Only - 100 Balloons

  • Tank Hire Only
  • Fills 100 x 30cm balloons


Helium Kit Incl Balloons and Access - 300 Balloon

  • 300 Plain/Metallic Balloons (Up To 6 Colours)
  • 300 Balloon Clips
  • 6 x Ribbon Rolls 91.4m
  • Helium (for 300 Balloons)


Helium Tank Only Hire - 300 Balloons

  • Tank Hire Only
  • Fills 300 x 30cm balloons




Instructions For Helium Balloons and Tanks

  • Latex Balloons stay up for 8-10 hrs indoors, and up to 6-8 hrs outdoors.
  • Put the nozzle on when you start, and take it off as soon as you finish, do not leave it on.
  • After screwing nozzle on, turn the valve on, gas comes out only when you bend the nozzle.
  • Make sure you put the Balloon at least ¾ over the nozzle and put your hand all the way around the Balloon, so you don't let any gas escape.
  • Ensure tank is secure when traveling.
  • Do not stand directly above tank when releasing gas.
  • Only fill the Balloon to 30 cm in size, do not overfill Balloons or Balloons will pop and bottle will not fill the number of recommended Balloons.
  • Take the nozzle off as soon as you finish, turn valve off, release gas and unscrew nozzle. Nozzle will not come off until you release the gas.
  • Do not drop nozzle. Nozzles are very delicate and damage easily. Replacement nozzles are $80. Nozzle can also break by leaving the valve on for more than 24 hrs. If not using the bottle, turn valve off.
  • Read and follow instructions on side of the bottle, use and care of bottle and your guests is your responsibility and duty of care.
  • Do not open valve until nozzle is completely screwed in, as the gas will release at a very high pressure and can be very dangerous.
  • Helium bottle can be rented only for 4 days, failure to return will result in Discount Party Warehouse charging your credit card (Visa debit card not accepted) - $500 for a 50 Balloon bottle, $700 for a 100 Balloon and $1000 for a 300 Balloon bottle.