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Helium Balloon Kit (30 Balloons) - Parties For Everyone

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Create amazing helium balloon decorations for every celebration with your own Parties For Everyone helium balloon kit!

Includes everything you need to decorate your party on the go, no matter what type of celebration. Perfect for celebrating at home or on the go, in a park, at a function centre or even at work. Fill the room with floating balloons of colour.

  • Includes: Standard Helium Gas Tank,
  • 30 x 23cm Latex Balloon - multi-coloured
  • 40m White Ribbon Spool



  • 1. Remove the cap.
  • 2. Attach the balloon nozzle.  (balloon nozzle is in the bag of balloons or attached to the helium tank)
  • 3. Open the valve by rotating the handle anti-clockwise.
  • 4. Slide the neck of the balloon over the nozzle.
  • 5. Life the balloon nozzle upwards or downwards to fill the balloon with helium.  Please note that it is necessary to lift the balloon nozzle upward ow downwards to release the gas into the balloon.
  • 6. Fill the balloon to the recommended size.  (Do not overfill the balloon or it may burst or you may run out of helium and not be able to fill all balloons)
  • 7. Take the inflated  balloon off the nozzle. tie the balloon and attached it to a ribbon and weight.
  • 8. Close the valve by rotating the handle clockwise when finished filling all balloons


  • Fills:
  • 27 to 30 x 23cm Diameter Latex Balloons (included)
  • 14 to 16 x 28cm Diameter Latex Balloons (sold separately)
  • 14 to 16 x 46cm Foil Balloons (sold separately)

Larger Balloons require more helium, reducing the total number of balloons inflated. Inflation quantities can vary dependent on temperature and whether the balloons have been under or over inflated.

Latex balloon float time is approximately 5-6 hours.


Helium tank cannot be re-filled. Do not inhale helium and always inflate balloons in well ventilated area. Never expose cylinder to direct heat or fire. To avoid rust do not store cylinder in damp area.

Disposal Instructions

  1. Make sure cylinder is empty
  2. Take cylinder to well ventilated ares
  3. Close valve by turning clockwise
  4. Unscrew nozzle from cylinder by hand or using a wrench
  5. Open valve (turn counter clockwise) to release any remaining pressure in helium cylinder
  6. Take empty cylinder to your local council chemical clean out, community Recycling or disposal site. Alternatively dispose of te cylinder with the rest of your garbage in your red bin. Steel is a recyclable products, however gas cylinders need to be treated prior to recycling. Please do not place in recycling bin.