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Blush Foam Wall Flower- Large

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This blush foam wall flower in large is ideal for use as decoration at weddings. Stick up on a wall with other foam wall flowers of your choosing to create a wonderful feature flower wall. This wall is best placed behind the bridal table for a lasting effect.
There are concealed wire strips on the back of the outer layers of the rose petals which can be bent and folded inwards to create a 3D curved effect to the flower.
Foam Flower Petals are attached to a white foam circle on the back (18cm diameter) with 2 wire loops to assist with fastening to wall on either side of the circle. To easily attach to wall simply place a thumbtac or nail in the wall and place the loop(s) over the pin. Alternatively you can use blue tac or double sided sticky to stick to the wall.
Flower Diameter: 50.8cm
Material: Foam
Pack of 1
If the petals become bent out of shape they should be easily bent back in to shape.
Light Pink
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